What are we talking about?

All of us at some point have experienced firsthand some of these setbacks when accessing a gated complex:

1.- You have to make long lines to enter a gated residential or business complex.

2.- The person in front of you is taking a long time giving their ID to security personnel.

3.- You forget the street number of the place you are visiting and when you call the person who lives or works there, they don’t answer, causing you to be late even more so than you already are… and the same fate awaits those driving behind you.

4.- You tell the guard on duty the name AND address of the person you are visiting and they can’t reach them at the phone number registered on file.

5.- You work in this gated complex and you are inevitably late for work because of the long time it takes you to enter.

6.- You work in real estate and are showing someone a place in this community. Well, you’ve already made a bad sale for how slowly the lines move and how long it takes to get into the property you’re about to show them.

7.- You’re part of the board in any of these residences and it’s your job to audit the specific dates and times that a suspicious person entered the complex, ultimately sinking you in endless paperwork to no avail.

If you have experienced any of these instances, we have good news for you: a new tool will now be available for you and everyone affected: LET ME ACCESS By: One Step Shot LLC.