1.- Secure Registration:
This tool, which is unique in the market, offers access control in a detailed way to any closed complex and facilitates the fast localization of the registry when it is required.
2.- Automated Access:
It has a device installed at the entrance of the complex, an application on your Smartphone, a robust server and one of the best existing databases in the market, to ensure that your access is fully automated.
3.- History of Access Control:
Both the directors of the HOA or the condominium will have a certainly effective tool to audit or review, to follow a simple routine or investigate unexpected instances, what happened at the gate of the complex.
4.- Economy:
Due to the quality, operability and easy installation features of the product, the expenses to be incurred are excessively low.
5.- Direct Maintenance:
Because of the way in which both the devices and the link systems were developed, it practically does not require face-to-face maintenance in most cases.
6.- Implicit advantages:
      – Zero traffic jams at the entrances.
      – Surveillance staff dedicated to your safety.
      – Zero anti-functional paperwork.
      – Direct control of all visitors, whatever the reason may be.
      – We can practically say goodbye to the old remote control and the entry  cards.
      – Regardless of weather conditions, you can do everything from within the comfort             of your vehicle.
      – The managers of the HOA and/or condo have the information at the palm of their               hands.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the records, and safeguard the data of our customers, the information remains encrypted,  satisfying with the normative standards of security both international and U.S.A.